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Speaking Engagements

Jenny Kay Dupuis is a highly sought-after keynote and conference speaker who is available to share her experiences with adults and school audiences.

Jenny Kay shares her journey behind what inspired and motivated her to break the silence and create the best-selling children’s book, I Am Not a Number. Jenny Kay will share her reflections on working with family, community, and the literary world to tell the story of her granny’s experience at a residential school. She will also share her knowledge of the power of teaching, telling, and hearing difficult stories, including ones that focus on the realities of diversity, human rights, and social justice issues through diverse literature such as I Am Not a Number, in classrooms, libraries, and community spaces. Jenny Kay holds a Doctor of Educational Leadership. She will draw on this expertise to explore what are the possibilities when we unlock the barriers to create a culture of empowerment, respect, trust, and innovation.

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