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In this talk, Jenny Kay Dupuis shares her personal journey of using literature and art to break the silence and shed light on important topics related to Indigenous experiences.  She reflects on her best-selling children’s book, I Am Not a Number, which tells the story of her granny’s experience in a residential school, and her latest children’s book, Heart Berry Bling (coming May 2023), which reveals the injustices faced by First Nations women and their children under the Indian Act. Despite being a work of fiction, Heart Berry Bling captures the lived experiences of many First Nations women and children, including her own grandmother’s, father’s, and her own experiences. Jenny Kay also showcases her Anishinaabe Woodland pop art, which combines storytelling and pop culture to express her views on the world and the concept of Indigenous joy. Throughout her presentation, Jenny Kay emphasizes the importance of teaching, telling, and hearing difficult stories, and explores how unlocking barriers can create a culture of empowerment, respect, trust, and innovation.



Meet the author of the award-winning children’s book, I Am Not a Number, and learn tips about writing story ideas!

Jenny Kay Dupuis shares her journey behind what inspired and motivated her to break the silence and create the children’s book, I Am Not a Number. Jenny Kay will share her reflections on working with family, community, and the literary world to tell the story of her granny’s experience at a residential school.  She will also share her knowledge of the power of telling and hearing difficult stories, including her new book, Heart Berry Bling (May 2023) that focuses on the tradition of Anishinaabe beadwork, patience and perseverance from the strawberry teachings, and gender discrimination in the Indian Act.

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