Jenny Kay Dupuis is a Toronto-based, Anishinaabe contemporary digital artist and painter. As a proud member of Nipissing First Nation, Jenny Kay blends her artistic skills with her interests in Woodland art, storytelling, and pop culture, bringing together her passions.

Jenny Kay’s progression into Woodland Pop Art reflects the world around her. She uses vibrant colours mixed with rich imagery and symbolism to express a play on the world today and the relationships between people, animals, and plants.

A series of high-quality limited edition prints will be available shortly.

For all inquires please contact Jenny Kay Dupuis here or follow her on Instagram, @jennykaydupuis.

The Owl’s Nest. Digital Image. Woodland Pop Art.

The Canoe Theory. Digital Image. Woodland Pop Art.

Ring Pop. Digital Image. Woodland Pop Art.

Ojibway WW

Wonder Woman in Toronto.  Digital Image. Woodland Pop Art.